about holyland made

Both of us are social-political activists committed to the future of Israel and the identity of the Jewish people. That is how we met and formed a close personal friendship. It is from this common ground that we formed the common vision of making our Holy Land accessible to its friends and supporters from all over the world through authentic, classy, and high-quality products made in Israel, by Israeli artists, craftsmen, farmers, fashion designers, and others. 

Each of these very special people is personally vetted by Holyland Made to ensure their works meet our exacting standards, are authentically made in Israel, by Israelis, and represent something special in the Holy Land that we all love and cherish. 
Omer Gal is secular and lives in Israel’s Coastal plain, the center of Israeli high-tech and commerce. Shai Malka is a religiously observant Orthodox Jew. Born in Jerusalem, he has chosen to raise his family in Judea, the historic heartland of the Jewish People.